Road Rage In The Making


I got to say, this has been a day long in the making. At the ripened age of 20, I finally took action and got my Learner's Permit. For the past year people have been urging me to go down to the DMV, take that awful picture that gives you no justice and take the test. I'm an impatient person and the DMV in Brooklyn has about 3 hour wait. The idea of standing in line with hundreds of irritated people isn't my idea of fun.
After Bigfoot started to teach me to drive recently, he's been urging more than ever for me to get the permit. Mostly to cover his ass if they find out I'm driving without any documents. Finally today, after finding I don't have to work, we went over to the offices and unlike in Brooklyn, there were only about 10 people in there. I filled out the paperwork, took the test, posed for a picture that made my wonderful cold sore look like an erupting Mount Saint Helen's and just like that I am now permitted to drive over small furry animals in all 50 states with the supervision of another driver that is. The roads are no longer safe.