It All Leads Back To The Pig Fat


My two day orientation for the job happened on Friday and Saturday. For each of those days, I spent 7 hours with 4 other girls and one odd supervisor who instantly proclaimed he didnít want to be there so for the most part we played Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I didnít learn much about the job and what Iím supposed to do but I did however realize that finding an actor who isnít indirectly connected to Kevin Bacon is almost impossible.
My gold membership expired yesterday hence the pictures not loading in some entries. I donít know if I want to renew it. Iíve been writing a lot in my livejournal and writing the same thing twice here is becoming a nuisance. Still, Iíve been writing here for almost 2 years, letting go isnít so easy. And of course there is the minor detail that Iím lacking that 15 bucks for an extra 3 months of gold membership.
Edit: I am now experiencing the hell that is the busy server of Diaryland.