Joanna 101


I've noticed a trend among Diaryland diaries. Almost everyone has the 100 Facts About Me page. So being the follower that I am, I decided to do it myself. At first it was supposed to be 50 facts then it grew to 100. 101 is my final decision. Yet all these new things keep popping into my head. I fear this list may well reach 200. Obviously there are a lot of useless facts about me. I apologize for being fact-full.

.1. My name is Joanna

2. Middle name is Janina, after my grandma.

3. I was born in Poland and lived there for 10 years.

4. For the past 10 years I have been living in Brooklyn, New York.

5. I am now attending college in the North Country (Upstate New York).

6. I was born on my father's birthday.

7. Everyone says I look like him, which should be an insult.

8. I have an older sister, Justyna.

9. I cannot watch animals killing each other, someone killing them therefore I do not watch discovery channel or animal planet.

10. I had lots of animals when I was little, ranging from a dog, a guinea pig to a chicken who lived under the sink.

11. I am terrified of geese because they chased me way too often.

12. I fell off a tree when I was 9 and ripped my arm on a nail that was in the tree.

13. They stitched up the wound without any painkillers.

14. After stitches were taken out the wound opened up again. New skin grew over it since then.

15. I used to mistake Brooklyn for Broadway so when people asked me where I lived I would say Broadway.

16. When my best friend asked why I'm moving to America I said "to pursue my modeling career". You can refer back to my picture and laught at the ludicrousness of that statment.

17. I eat mostly cheese. Meat doesn't tickle my fancy.

18. I am the only one in the family who can't cook.

19. I love sushi.

20. I'm left handed.

21. I have a vivid imagination.

22. I conceived a story in my head of a girl living in a small town when I was 13. 6 years later, the plot still unfolds. It has yet to be written down.

23. I had a fiction website for 2 years before I lost the inspiration to write and closed it down.

24. My sister and I would play school, she would be the teacher and the only textbook we had was a history book. That is why I love history now.

25. I want to be a historian.

26. I love silence.

27. I space out often.

28. I lose interest in conversations quickly.

29. I love arts and crafts.

30. I knit.

31. I want to learn to paint.

32. I was clinically depressed throughout 11th and 12th grades.

33. In the middle of the 12th grade I stopped coming to school because of depression.

34. It took me an extra year to graduate high school.

35. I was the only white girl in my school. And the 3rd white person.

36. One of my best friends in high school was a pair of male gay twins.

37. I hate them now.

38. I love to travel.

39. I lived in Italy for 6 months when I was 6.

40. I've been to Italy 3 times since then.

41. I hate flying.

42. I fear I will die in an airplane crash.

43. People think I'm stuck up.

44. They only think that because I don't talk much.

45. I don't like meeting new people, fearing that I cannot carry on a conversation with them.

46. In total I had 3 boyfriends in my life. Neither of my first 2 relationships lasted more than month.

47. I have never been in love till he came along.

48. I had a one night stand as my "first time".

49. I'm still disgusted with myself over that.

50. I feel sorry for any guy that likes me.

51. When I was 7 I would pray for a boyfriend.

52. Till the age of 16 used to believe I was cursed. All the guys I met would disappear from the face of the earth. I swear.

53. I stopped obsessing over guys when I turned 18.

54. I lost any real emotions during my depression period.

55. I have yet to gain them back.

56. Nice guys piss me off.

57. Bad boys do not interest me.

58. I had lots of friends till the depression made me anti social and everyone began hating me.

59. I was content with having only 1 friend.

60. My cats do not have names.

61. They answer to the snap of my fingers.

62. I turn red at any given moment.

63. I stutter when I get nervous.

64. I can't argue. My mind quickly loses sight of what it is that I am arguing over.

65. I'm easily manipulated.

66. I am addicted to Snapple. I feel dizzy when I do not get my daily dose of it.

67. I enjoy alcohol purely for the stimulation.

68. I always wanted to smoke pot yet no one ever offered, till college of course.

69. I smoked my first cigarette when I was 11.

70. After a pack of them I threw up and never smoked again.

71. I can't swim.

72. Deep water terrifies me.

73. There is a Polish actress with the same first and last name as mine. I saw her in a play once.

74. For my 18th birthday I got a ticket to Ireland but never went.

75. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Siberia fascinate me.

76. I want to go to Japan after college.

77. I think I would make a good actress if I wasn't so shy.

78. I'm paranoid. Always thinking that people are laughing at me.

79. I have a labret. A piercing in my chin for those who don't know.

80. I have a tattoo on my lower back.

81. Both were done during my rebellion period.

82. My tongue was deemed to short for a piercing.

83. I've been told I'm quick witted. But whenever I hear that I cannot think of a reply.

84. I watched the Simpsonís before I knew any English.

85. I don't know the order of the alphabet. After "O" I get lost.

86. I cannot grasp the concept of football.

87. The one time I decided to watch a baseball game, is the time that the game became the longest baseball game ever played. The 2000 world series.

88. I have a Polish accent when I speak English. I have an American accent when I speak Polish.

89. I feel displaced from the world.

90. My parents believe that the move to NYC screwed me up. I agree.

91. During the Chernobyl nuclear explosion, my parents took me to my grandfather's farm thinking we were safe. Until they realized that the fumes reached all the way to England. We went back to the city and gave up trying to escape the toxins.

92. My favorite season is Autumn.

93. I love cemeteries.

94. I do not celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving.

95. I feel guilty for not going to church as much as I should.

96. I had the time of my life during my first communion.

97. I am never able to look at someone and think I'm better than them.

98. When I was younger, when someone told me that the Civil War was between North and South I would think North America and South America.

99. My idea of happiness is sitting in my grandma's garden at sunset and eating an apple.

100. I hope to lead a simple life.

101. I'm done.