Missing the Parental Company


My parents stopped by this weekend, making their first appearance since August. They brought home cooked meals and much needed money for my ailing bank account. Surprisingly enough they also brought affection towards themselves as well. It was quite odd/freaky.
We took a ferry over to Vermont and headed to the Ben and Jerryís ice cream factory where I acquired knowledge on the delicate process of ice cream making and scored some yummy free samples. Then we roamed around the lovely city of Burlington which heart achingly reminded me of Poland.
Today I have to work at noon and I was hoping that the Ďrents would at least stay till then but as soon as the sun came up they rose quickly, made lots of raucous and while stirring me awake they announced they had to leave in order to beat the traffic. What traffic, people?! Itís not a holiday weekend and in the middle of the national forest as we are now there isnít any traffic till you reach Albany. I understood that they wanted to start early on the 6 hour drive back to the city but still I was hoping to spend more time with them. With the way things are going now I probably wonít make it home for Thanksgiving, meaning the next time Iíll see them again is towards the end of December. Thatís a long time I have to wait for another Polish meal.