It's A Dog Eat Dog Process


Since the very first day that we moved in together, I've been pleading with Bigfoot to get a dog. He always agreed that he's up for it but kept saying that we should wait till we're financially situated. How very mature of him.

It's safe to say we're now making enough at our jobs to splurge on small things and finally few weeks age he agreed we should search for a perfect dog. Being quite the animal lover, I cannot watch Animal Planet without breaking into tears, seeing various dogs at shelters instantly breaks my heart. But what the workers see when Bigfoot and I come in, is just two college students who on a whim decided to get a dog. It's very frustration conveying the fact that any animal that will come home with us will be showered with unconditional love. Some workers are even quite rude about it. One woman even went so far as to say that we shouldn't even bother looking at the dogs they have because we are college students, we haven't lived in our apartment long enough to be considered responsible and most likely we'll be back there in few months returning the dog.

The dog I had for 6 years had to be left behind in Poland when we moved and the two lovely cats back in Brooklyn are a prime example of how well I treat animals (i.e look at the weight of the fatty cat that occupies my bed). And it's not like I even want a puppy. I'm actually looking for a senior dog whose adoption everyone is passing on. I want a companion to take for walks, have to come home to and have to snuggle with and even though Bigfoot fills that part very well, I'd like someone whose loyalty I'll always have.

By the end of this week we're heading to some shelters few hours outside of town. Maybe this time they'll actually let me look at some dogs.