Saturday's Thoughts


Surprise surprise, my anti diaryland entry somehow got put up yet the long anti-war entry did not. I just have one question, is diaryland ran by the government?

Today is day 1 of Mom-less home. She landed safely in Italy and is having a good time, all the while me and El Daddio are trying to survive on stale bread. I'm thinking of taking him out to Sushi, he never had it and I'm craving one myself. But going out with El Daddio is weird, he would probably order a Heineken there and wouldn't be able to grasp the chop sticks. I'll hold off the idea of eating out for a bit longer.

Hashie is supposed to come over today and fix the virus that he put on my computer a week ago. He told me he'll be here anytime after 5. At first I didn't understand why after 5. Does he have so many things to do that he can't squeeze me into his busy schedule? Today I got my answer when I called. Turns out he's still sleeping. It's 20 minutes to 5. I sleep a lot but when the clock hits 2 I instantly feel guilty for wasting my life and drag myself out of bed. I cannot even imagine sleeping past 4. He's a weird one.

Another worry is that Rhee, a close friend of mine is being sent to Kuwait. It will probably be Iraq after that. I remember last year while helping him hang up Army posters in the hallways, I asked him if he's scared to be joining the Marines. Yet he was so excited. He wanted to do this since I can remember. He was glad to be doing something good with his life. I would love to know how he feels about it now.