Sunday Brunch


Seeing that there was no edible food in our fridge, El Daddio and I decided to go out for dinner.

While waiting for food, I had to make small talk. Him and I are very much alike and being content with silence is fine with us. But seeing that everyone around us is chatting away I felt obliged to make conversation. We began discussing Arizona. I asked him where his friends live. Suddenly he got all irritated.

"Joanna! I do not know the exact place. It's somewhere in Phoenix. What's the big deal?"

Damn man, why get so irritated cause of one question? I decided to drop the Arizona topic. We moved onto my favorite discussion piece, college. Here is his theory about my college education. Since he wants to move to Arizona, he feels it is better for me to come with them and go to college out there. He believes that it will be very hard for me to see them if I live Upstate and they live out in the desert. He even used the line "How are we going to give you money if can't see you?". I already explained to him that it is too late for me to change my mind about college. It is a 2 year college so after 2 years I'm free to transfer on somewhere else. Though I do not want them to be stopped by me. I keep telling him to go ahead and move, have a better life. I am 19 I should start my own anyhow. I cannot follow you across the country.

"It's easier for us if you were near by" He said. That made me sad.

Then he gets this idea that he should get a better job here and earn some money while waiting till I finish my 2 years then we all move out. God dad! Can I have some freedom without you? I understand completely that having them not close will be hard but at least let me test out my new freedom. I'm not mad that he's trying to keep me with him. On the contrary I'm relieved. For some time I kept getting the feeling that they want to get rid of me as quickly as possible.

The topic was changed though once we started getting annoyed. One good thing out of the whole discussion that he offered to pay for my ticket to Poland this summer. I'll hold him to that offer. You can count on that.