Strike A Pose


You know what I find amazing? Homosexuals have so much confidence in themselves. You would think after all the discrimination, social injustice and just plain old odd looks from the public, their spirit would falter and they would go back to being the invisible minority of the population. As I was walking to school on a warm sunny day, there goes a man past me in an eye revoking short shorts, with a tank top that barely covered his belly button and flip flops. He paraded past me, swaying his butt from side to side and I realized how his skin was the whitest of white. No sunray has infiltrated that yet. Then I came to think about all of this. Here I am, with little or no discrimination towards me, no childhood traumas or confused sexuality and yet I cannot bear to expose even my elbows fearing I may bring unwanted attention to me. Whereas the flaming homosexual was nearly naked, I, on the other hand was clutching my hoodie, zipped all the way up, hoping that somehow I would disappear from this earth.

What do I have to do to gain that insane amount of confidence to parade in short shorts and a tank top and be happy about the lack of pigment on my skin? I'd say grow up and be happy with yourself. And if worse comes to worst, turn gay.