Argumental Poetry


The constant bickering between Natalie and Hasan has reached a new level. First it started off with his little lines for her in his profile. She began responding to them in her own profile. Then they started writing hate emails between each other. Somehow I got sucked in. I watch what I say to Hasan now cause if he is in a bad mood, usually he will use my words in his poetry. And poetry is what has been happening. Hasan kept writing poems about Natalie so she decided to respond with her own. Last night she wrote him this:

Impassive is the way to be

he once said to me.

Impassive is the way to be

define impassive for me please.

Is it cold and unfeeling?

or hard and unyielding?

Impassive is the way to be.

So why is it so hard for you to see

impassive makes you weak to me.

Is impassive not seeing or believing?

Being blind of that unsuitable to you?

Tell me, tell me please

why impassive is the way to be.

Not understanding why you hate me

when you say impassive is the way to be.

For impassive to me means a void of feelings.

Hate and anger what are those?

Not impassiveness if you ask me

Impassive you once said to me.

Cold you once called me.

How can it be you once loved me?

You're right impassive is the way to be.

Only if it could be done so easily.

So tell me why you're sorry now?

Impassive is the way to be you once said to me.

I've taken your words made them my own.

Impassive is the way to be.

Like the dark side of luna I'll be out of reach

for no light can get to me.

Sorry I am for how this ended.

For impassive is not how this should be.

Decisions were made

feelings were hurt.

Throughout impassiveness we can avoid that.

I now see why he said to me

impassive is the way to be.

She posted the poem on her site and within hours Hasan's response was posted as well.

Impassive? To Be Free.

Impassive is the way to be

You are right, i said this once to thee

I don't know what this is all about

I thought it was all over, and dealt with a shout

But your forcing me to come right out

So here i will answer you

Match you line for line and show u mine

What impassive means to me....

And this path should not be chosen easily

As i remember from what i said before

Impassive is the way to go

Be careful cause its very hard to follow this flow

Your feelings that is not easy to let go

If you are not strong enough that is to let go

Then impassive is not your flow

This is what happened to me

I tried my best to follow the flow

But my feelings and love i couldn't let go

Each and every day they grew bigger and bigger

In the pit of my stomach, in the darkest part of my heart

And finally popped, like a giant balloon bombarded with darts

That's when i changed from bad to worse

Because i let go of the flow...

Every feeling came rushing in

Flooding my heart and soul, and even brain...

I turned bitter because of the flow

I was close to death, but also being reborn

Reborn as some one that had the impassive glow

More then ever no one can stop its flow

But i saw what was happing to me

Trying to follow this blood forsaken flow

Was killing my heart my soul and my glow

So i stopped it before it went to far

Disgraced my bad feelings for thee

After all baby its always easy

To discard your bad feelings

Then try to discard the good, and find healing

So i saw what i did to thee...

The whole time impassive took over me

And i said sorry.. before it became a glory

I noticed impassive made me weak...

My days, bad and my mind had been had

After i let go of this impassive flow..

I came to close to death.. and hollow..

But i was pulled back by friends around me

And.. not going to lie.. but a little of my anger for thee

So i am sorry.. for what i did to thee

While impassive had took over me...

But i guess you don't remember what i said in the end

My advice about this impassive flow was..

A word of advice coming from me

Is don't follow this flow

If you cant handle the letting go

Because surely you will die, from the flow

If you start the flow then let go...

One thing i wish from you...

Is for you not to go through this flow..

Decisions were made, and feelings were hurt

But i swear to you, what you say bout the impassive flow

Is not at all, what you think so..

It wont help you, the way you think it will

It will just make it worse, and start bending your will

And this is why i hated thee..,

When you thought i was taken by the impassive glow

I started the flow but i just had to let go..

Because i couldn't hold the impassive glow

Hate and anger was always there

But so was the love that helped me live

Brings me to where i am, at today's health

Humble to the end.. and out with loving smiles felt..

I've stopped analyzing their poems few hours ago. They have been up till 4 am bickering over them. Besides tiring, I find this hysterical. Some people have a good old fashion screaming fit, others such as Justin and Britney had a dance-off while Natalie and Hasan are having a write-off.

Surprise surprise, Natalie just told me she's coming up with a response to Hasan's response. I suggested that maybe she should speak to him in person.

"Why would I want to do that?" She asked.

Beats me.