Moving On Up


My parents want to move to Arizona. Actually that is not so shocking news. For the past 4 years they have been discussing moving out of Brooklyn. I was the only thing stopping them. They wouldn't dare to move me into a new setting again. Now that I'm starting college in the fall, there's nothing keeping them here. Except my parents, or at least my father, is just a lot of talk. Back in 8th grade, he made a whole issue about moving to Florida but that died down after a while. It's been going back and forth between Florida and Arizona.

They figure for the price that we pay for this apartment here they can easily buy a nice house out in a desert. So yesterday we sat down and started going through pictures of houses for sale in Arizona. Most of them look like they were made from mud. And if you look closely, you realize that there is nothing behind the house, in front instead of some green there are pebbles. It's a pretty scary sight. I mean I have no problem with living in the middle of nowhere but please give me some trees and some green grass. And don't let my neighbor's house be identical to mine.

You know, then as I was pondering those options I realized this is not something I can choose. If my parents move I won't be coming with them. I have to go off on my own and start my own life. It sucks though, if they made me spend 10 years in Brooklyn and now they're moving on up to bigger and better things while I'm trying to decide how much of my personal belongings can fit into a dorm room.

I'm bitter.